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  • 15years R&D designers Our company's R&D designers have 15 years of experience in electric furnace design and development
  • Advanced CNC machining equipment Automated and intelligent equipments, Standardized operation, and zero errors for each part of the product, guarantees the consistency and stability of the quality in all batch orders, greatly reduce the rate of non-conformities.
  • International Standards Our production flow is produced in strict accordance with international standards
  • Electrical components The use of international brand electrical components to ensure the service life and safety of electrical appliances.
  • Finished product inspection After the assembly is completed, our quality assurance personnel will test the operation of the machine's control panel, heating elements, thermocouples, electrical switches, etc., and conduct heating and cooling tests to ensure the normal operation of the electric furnace.
  • Temperature field uniformity detection According to the needs of customers, three-point temperature measurement, nine-point temperature measurement and isothermal field uniformity detection can be provided, and third-party test reports can be provided
  • Issuing a test report The machine is running normally, and a test report is issued
  • Provide the certificate Issue the certificate provided by our company, and attach the operation manual






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