Advantages of tilting rotary tube furnace


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Advantages of tilting rotary tube furnace:
1. The furnace tube motor can rotate 360 degrees, suitable for uniform sintering of mixed materials.
2. The furnace is made of various materials, such as alumina ceramic fiber board, stainless steel, quartz, etc., suitable for various material scenarios.
3. Most rotary tube furnaces are equipped with a cooling system between their shells, which can quickly raise and lower the temperature. This furnace has advantages such as balanced temperature field, low surface temperature, fast temperature rise and fall rate, and energy saving.
4. Adopting international excellent technology, there are various tube furnace types including single tube, double tube, horizontal, openable, vertical, single temperature zone, double temperature zone, and three temperature zones.
5. Safe and reliable, simple operation, high temperature control accuracy, good insulation effect, large temperature range, high furnace temperature uniformity, multiple temperature zones, optional atmosphere, Vacuum furnace type, etc.

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