Characteristics Of The Experimental Electric Furnace


Source: koaya

The experimental electric furnace is a new type of high-performance, high-energy-saving electric furnace that adopts international advanced technology and is self-developed. It adopts energy-saving ceramic fiber materials and a double-layer structure, which can reduce the surface temperature to normal temperature and make the internal cavity temperature evenly distributed. Using multi-segment intelligent program controller, the whole process automatically controls the temperature, the comprehensive performance index is high, and it is at the leading domestic level.

It is an ideal experiment and production equipment for scientific research units, colleges and universities, industrial and mining enterprises.


You can choose imported single set point or 40-segment programmable controller.

Safety features include adjustable over-temperature protection and a safety lock system that opens the door and cuts off heating.

Energy-saving ceramic fiber material and double-layer shell structure have fast heating and cooling speeds and low energy consumption. It can lower the surface temperature to normal temperature and make the temperature distribution of the inner cavity uniform.

High-quality heating elements with long service life.

Optional: With exhaust port and inert gas inlet.

  The 40-segment programmable controller model can choose RS-485 serial port to realize computer communication.

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