What is Box annealing furnace?


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The box annealing furnace has two annealing chambers and two preheating chambers. Eight burners are arranged tangentially in the annealing chamber, so that the combustion gas flows around the annealing chamber. The combustion gas is discharged at the upper edge of the annealing chamber, and then flows through the preheating chamber from top to bottom. Then use a fan to blow part of the combustion gas into the annealing chamber again, and the other part into the chimney. This cyclic heating method can avoid local overheating of the annealing box. During the annealing process, the protective gas circulates in the annealing chamber.

Energy-saving box furnace is a standard energy-saving periodic operation box-type furnace with a super energy-saving structure and a fiber structure that saves 60% of electricity. The production adopts a composite high-alumina porcelain nail group, which automatically seals the furnace door. Mainly used for high chromium, high manganese steel castings, ductile iron, rolls, steel balls, 45 steel, stainless steel quenching, annealing, aging and heat treatment of various mechanical parts.

The disadvantage of the box furnace is that because the stack height can only be limited to 1600-1800 mm, it is often impossible to add a convection device between the coils when stacking the coils. Therefore, the heat conducted through the edge of the strip is only a small part, but most of the heat is conducted from the coil to the coil, and the heating is accordingly hindered.

The moving device of the furnace door adopts an electric device, which is mainly composed of a furnace door frame, a reducer, a sprocket, a transmission shaft, and a bearing. The furnace door is closed and opened through the positive and negative transmission on the reducer to drive the movement of the furnace door. The furnace door moving reducer is also equipped with a brake device, which can effectively prevent the furnace door from displacement during the movement. The furnace door pressing device adopts a hand-wheel type pressing structure. The pressing device of this structure enables no friction between the fiber plane on the furnace door and the furnace mouth cotton, which has the characteristics of long service life.

The side plate and the bottom plate are welded by Q235 steel plate, the structure is firm and reliable, not easy to deform and warp, and the overall strength is good. The furnace door lining is also a full fiber structure. The opening of the furnace door is side opening. There is a circuit breaker on the furnace door, which cuts off the heating element power supply when the furnace door is opened to ensure the operator. The furnace door is equipped with an adjustable sealing mechanism to effectively seal the furnace door. There is a thermocouple hole on the top of the furnace. When in use, the thermocouple is inserted into the furnace to control the working temperature of the furnace through the electric furnace control cabinet.

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