Atmoaphere Furnace The Need for Inert Atmospheres


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Atmoaphere Furnace The Need for Inert Atmospheres
steel blank post heat treat
An inert atmosphere, sometimes referred to as a protective atmosphere, produces very clean parts in a highly controlled environment. It also serves to prevent unwanted chemical reactions (like oxidation or decarburization) from occurring on the surface of the part.

Inert atmospheres are often used in connection with processes such as hot isostatic pressing (HIP), sintering, and vacuum operations. Both HIP and sintering are commonly used with components made from additively manufactured parts, including powdered metal (PM) and 3D printed metal parts.

Vacuum processes involve heating parts at pressures that are less than atmospheric pressure. Vacuum heat treating can be used to remove surface contaminants (e.g., lubrication residue and oxide films), prevent surface reactions (e.g., decarburization and oxidation), degassing metals, and joining metals (e.g., brazing). Vacuum heat treatments can also be used to remove dissolved contaminants.

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