Why Furnace Atmosphere Is Important?


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Why Furnace Atmosphere Is Important?
The atmosphere in a heat treatment process can be a critical factor: it may act as a carrier for key elements in the process, or it may act to protect the part being heat treated from the effects of exposure to air while also exposed to substantially elevated temperatures. As a carrier, the atmosphere is chemically reactive with the surface and leads to improved surface characteristics to support processes such as hardening. As a protective atmosphere, its task is the opposite: it protects the surface of the part from chemically reacting with potentially harmful elements in the atmosphere.

Depending on the heat treatment process being performed, the lack of a controlled protective atmosphere could lead to chemical reactions on the surface of a part that would compromise its quality and performance, leading to rejected parts. That, in turn, leads to financial loss, wasted time, and potentially dangerous repercussions for those using the part if its issues were not detected. In addition, an improperly controlled atmosphere could lead to a damaged furnace or, worse yet, injured employees.

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