Working principle of tube furnace


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Working principle of tube furnace
Tube furnaces are mainly used in metallurgy, glass, heat treatment, lithium battery positive and negative materials, new energy, LED luminescent materials, abrasive tools and other industries to measure materials under certain atmosphere conditions.Heat treatment process of gear vacuum carburizing and quenching The tube furnace is protected by hydrogen filling after vacuuming, and uses the principle of medium frequency induction heating to generate high temperature in the tungsten crucible in the coil tube, and conducts it through thermal radiation. Powder forming and sintering of tungsten, molybdenum and their alloys.Deformation correction of 20CrMo steel plate by vacuum carburizing and quenching 1. After the tube furnace is used for the first time or not used for a long time, it should be baked at a temperature of about 120°C for 1 hour, and then used at a temperature of about 300°C for 2 hours to avoid cracking.hihg speed 3D cnc beams drilling line The furnace temperature should not exceed the rated temperature as far as possible, so as not to damage the heating element and furnace lining. It is forbidden to directly inject various liquids and dissolved metals into the furnace, and keep the furnace clean.D series cnc drilling machine for Plates 2. If a quartz tube is used in a tube furnace, when the temperature is higher than 1000°C, the high temperature part of the quartz tube will become opaque. This is called devitrification, which is an inherent defect of quartz glass tubes and is normal.

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