What is the advantages and disadvantages of tube furnace?


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Tube furnace is easy to control the temperature, easy to remote control, fine adjustment, fast heating, good operation performance, and no pollution to the environment. Let's understand the advantages and disadvantages of tube furnace.

  The advantages of tube furnace:

  1. Mature technology; simple furnace structure; low power consumption and high thermal efficiency;

  2. Easy to operate, easy to control, continuous production;

  3. The yield of ethylene and propylene is higher, and the product concentration is high;

  4. Most of the cracked gas and flue gas can be recovered;

  5. The scope of application of raw materials is gradually expanding with the progress of cracking technology;

  6. ​​Multiple furnaces can be combined for large-scale production.

Disadvantages of tube furnace :
  (1) The applicability to heavy raw materials is still limited. When cracking heavy raw materials, because the heavy raw materials are prone to coking, it is necessary to shorten the operation cycle, reduce the cracking depth, and often light coke, which shortens the effective production time throughout the year and also affects the life of the cracking furnace and furnace tubes. As a result of reducing the cracking depth, the utilization rate of raw materials is not high, the quantity of low-value products such as heavy raw oil is large, and the cost of public works is also increased.

  (2) According to the process requirements of high temperature, short residence time and low hydrocarbon partial pressure, the surface thermal strength of the furnace tube is bound to increase, which requires oil-resistant high-temperature alloy pipe and cast pipe technology.

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