What is the difference Tube furnaces and Muffle furnaces?


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Tube furnace is mainly used in metallurgy, glass, heat treatment, lithium positive and negative materials, new energy, abrasives, and other industries to determine the material under certain temperature conditions of professional equipment.
There are single-tube, double-tube, horizontal, openable, vertical, single-temperature zone, double-temperature zone, three-temperature zone, and other types of the tube furnace. Mainly used in universities and colleges, scientific research institutes, industrial and mining enterprises, and other experiments and small batch production.

A muffle furnace is commonly called the following: electric furnace, resistance furnace, Muffle furnace and Muffle furnace. A muffle furnace is universal heating equipment, according to the appearance of the shape can be divided into a box-type furnace, tube-type furnace, or crucible furnace.

Both tube furnaces and muffle furnaces are commonly used heating equipment, so do you know what is the difference between tube furnaces and muffle furnaces?

  1. From the gas-tight performance, the gas-tightness of the tube furnace is better, if the vacuum and gas-tightness requirements are relatively high, it is recommended to use the tube furnace.

In terms of operation difficulty, the operation of a muffle furnace is relatively simple.

In terms of temperature range, both tube furnaces and muffle furnaces can reach 1800 ℃, the muffle furnace chamber size can be controlled, and the amount of test or production to be larger. The diameter of the high-temperature tube-type furnace is limited, so high-temperature tube-type furnace compared to the high-temperature muffle furnace, the amount of production is smaller.

  1. Tube type furnace can control the calcining atmosphere, generally speaking, tube type furnace compared to the muffle furnace can be heated at a higher temperature, and can be programmed to control the temperature rise and fall, the temperature is more, more expensive.
  2. If you want to pass the protective gas calcination samples, you can use the tube furnace, tube furnace can also be programmed to raise the temperature, but in the air calcination then will be calcined incomplete, and can not be fully connected with the air and muffle furnace although some can also be programmed to raise the temperature but not good with the gas, to calcine in the air, or choose the muffle furnace, full contact with the air, calcined fully.

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