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Regardless of size and operational range, all of Yatherm Scientific’s muffle furnaces are of high quality and superior performance attributes that give the product an important market differential. Highlighted features are the carcass structure, built with a double wall; the use of thermal insulation based on the ceramic fiber of low density and high insulation capacity, the mechanical arrangement used for opening, and closing the door.

High-Temperature Muffle Oven designed in triple-walled structure for long life and low skin temperature. Our Furnace comes with the insulation of the 1400 ZTL fiberboard for No Skin Temperature. We customized a box furnace with 5-7 inches of insulation on all sides to avoid heat loss and low skin temperature for user safety. Yatherm furnaces come in SS 304/PCRC sheet with rugged construction & high-quality lockable wheels for better performance & long life.

Heating Element: Silicon carbide(SIC) heating Element used in 1450-degree Muffle furnace, molybdenum Disilicide (MoSi2) U shape rod used for 1800-degree Muffle furnace & Kanthal A1 Spring type heaters used for 1100-degree Muffle furnace.

Temperature Control: Microprocessor-based profile PID controller gives accurate and programmable temperature settings with SV and PV display. PLC with HMI can be used for data logging with a temperature-controlling system. The programmable controller displays the RAMP rate and soaking time together for better understanding.

RAMP RATE: What is the Ramp rate in terms of furnace heating? The ramp Rate is the Change of temperature per unit of time. Like an 1100 degrees celsius furnace, we offer 1 to 25 Degrees per Minute. Our furnace can achieve 700 to 800 °C with a Ramp rate of 20 to 25°C per minute and above 800°C it operates at a rate of 5 to 15°C per minute. Our Furnace Can achieve 1000 degrees Celsius in 45 to 90 Minutes.

Chamber construction: Muffle furnace has triple-walled construction and is equipped with zirconia fiberboard cemented from all sides for long life. Chamber construction plays an important role in the working of a furnace by keeping it cool from the outside for the safety of the user. We provide 7 inches of insulation from all sides for the zero skin temperature of a Laboratory muffle furnace.

Temperature Range: Room temperature to 900°C, 1100°C, 1450°C, 1700°C, 1800°C. Choosing a furnace according to your requirement depends on the temperature range. All furnaces are designed with different working temperatures and maximum temperature ranges.

Voltage: To work on 220/230 V A.C. supply., big size comes in three phases 440 V, A.C.

Doors: Our laboratory Muffle Furnaces are equipped with insulated doors with board insulation. There is no heating on the door due to good quality insulation. saftherm Muffle furnace doors are supplied with hinges and door locks.

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