324MM Large Diameter 3 Zone Tube Furnace

  • Model No. :STG-324-12-3
  • Quartz Tube(OD):Φ324mm
  • Heating Zone Length : 300MM
  • Continuous Temp. :1100℃
  • Max Temp.:1200°C
  • Reactor Tube:Quartz Tube
  • Power Supply:380V/10kw
  • Heating Element: 1500 Type Polycrystal Alumina Ceramic Fiber
  • Thermocouple: N type
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Large diameter tube furnace:Large tube diameter, long thermostatic zone, precise temperature, suitable for multi-sample sintering or pilot experiments.
This model is widely used in the field of semiconductor, nanomaterial, carbon fiber, graphene, etc. It is a cost-effective equipment.


The large-diameter tube furnace is composed of a heating system, a temperature control system, a working tube, a sealing kit and an automatic opening structure of the furnace cover. It can work under vacuum or atmosphere protection to meet various CVD process requirements. Multiple temperature zones can be set. Realize high uniformity temperature field conditions, and can also be applied to temperature field gradient experiments of materials. This product is widely used in pilot sintering and products in graphene materials, lithium battery positive and negative electrode materials, semiconductor materials, new energy and new material industries batch heat treatment

Furnace shell

  1. The shell is made of metal Q235 low-carbon steel, and the surface is electrostatically resistant and resistant to corrosion.
  2. The solid double-layer metal frame is combined with the heat-insulating fan structure, and the furnace surface temperature is low
  3. Horizontal use mode, upper opening structure, easy to operate

Refractory material

Multi-layer insulation design, composed of lightweight alumina ceramic fiber and high-quality insulation board backing, does not contain asbestos components, low heat loss and low energy consumption

Heating system

  1. High-quality metal and ceramic heating element, free heat radiation heating in the furnace cavity, energy saving and high efficiency, long service life
  2. The heating element is heated in a ring or on two sides, so as to achieve good uniformity in the furnace
  3. Three heating zone, single temperature zone can control temperature independently, better temperature uniformity

Temperature Control Panel

  1. PID with SSR/SCR control mode, precise temperature control
  2. International standard thermocouple, long service life
  3. Equipped with heating indicator light and over-temperature alarm buzzer

Program Controller

  1. Advanced controllers that meet complex process requirements
  2. Simple and direct operation, flexible programming
  3. Programmable 30 program segments
  4. Over temperature and fault alarm, automatic safety protection

Vacuum Atmosphere Function

  1. With 304 stainless steel sealing flange to obtain vacuum or atmosphere in the furnace tube
  2. High-quality quartz glass working tube, or metal or alumina working tube can be selected to adapt to different working conditions

Technical Parameter






Furnace tube size





Heating zone





Max temperature


Working temperature


Heating element

HRE high temperature alloy resistance wire

Chamber material

Polycrystalline inorganic alumina ceramic fiber material prepared by wet vacuum filtration

Temperature control accuracy


Temperature measuring element

N-type thermocouple

Temperature control instrument

Intelligent microcomputer PID temperature control instrument, SSR voltage regulation control, PID parameter self-tuning function; programmable 30 program segments, program temperature rise, program heat preservation, program cooling; three-stage partition control

Heating rate

 1-20℃/min free adjustment

Furnace  structure

 Furnace temperature control integrated structure

Standard configuration

Modular control, it will send out sound and light alarm signal for over temperature and broken coupler in the working process, and automatically complete the protection action

Safety protection

The equipment is equipped with a circuit breaker, which will automatically pop open in case of short circuit leakage, which can protect the safety of equipment and operators

Furnace shell

The shell is processed by high-quality cold-rolled steel sheet CNC machine tools, after welding, grinding, polishing, phosphating, pickling, and electrostatic spraying of plastic powder on the surface

Quality certification

 ISO9001  CE  SGS  TUV

Standard configuration

 1 furnace body 2. Power cord 3 meters 3. 1 piece thermocouple 4. 1 piece manual 5. 1 piece furnace hook 6. One pair of high temperature gloves


1. Optional rotary vane vacuum pump (vacuum degree ≤ 5pa)

2. Optional diffusion pump vacuum unit (vacuum degree ≤6.67×10-2pa)

3. Optional molecular pump vacuum unit (vacuum degree ≤6.67×10-4pa)

4. Optional digital vacuum gauge (1.0×105-1.0×10-1pa)

5. Optional float flowmeter (range 100-1000ml/min)

6. Optional quartz boat, metal crucible and other material loading containers


According to the output requirements of the actual material of the user, the customization of special specifications of the product can be realized


1. Furnace body 1 set
2. Temperature controller 1
3. Power cord 3 meters 1
4. Thermocouple 1
5. Instruction manual 1
6. Crucible pliers 1
7. High temperature gloves  1 pair


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