1300C Vacuum Brazing furnace(STV-422-13)

  • Model No. :STV-422-13
  • Inner Dimension:φ390×600mm
  • Continuous Temp. :1300℃
  • Max Temp.:1200°C
  • Power Supply:380V/50kw
  • Heating Element:Molybdenum lanthanum alloy
  • Temp Precision:±1°C
  • Thermocouple: N type
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1300C vacuum brazing furnace is used in colleges and universities, scientific research laboratories and industrial and mining enterprises on ceramics, metallurgy, electronics, glass, chemical industry, machinery, medical industry, new materials development, special materials, building materials, metal, non-metal and other chemical and material materials for vacuum brazing heat treatment.


Product features

1)Advanced molybdenum alloy heating body and metal heat insulation screen structure, the furnace is pure and pollution-free.

2)High precision PLC intelligent temperature and process control system, unattended, efficient and safe.

3)Horizontal horizontal structure provides horizontal loading of samples.

4)Double-layer tank water-cooled sealed structure, can work under vacuum or protective atmosphere

5)Molecular pump and bipolar rotary vane mechanical pump vacuum unit, cold ultimate vacuum 6.67×10-4pa

(6) Stainless steel tank flange type compression seal structure, helium mass spectrometer leakage detector test, high vacuum valve, pressure rise rate ≤ 1pa

(7) Furnace heating body uniformly distributed around the furnace chamber, circular heating, thermal distribution of scientific, uniformity ≤ ± 5 ° C

(8) Supporting industrial air-cooled chiller, high cooling efficiency, closed self-circulation, low operating costs

Technical Parameter

Inner dimensionφ390×600mm
Working Dimension200×400×200mm
Outer dimension2000×1600×2050mm
Mac temperture1300℃
Working Temperture1200℃
Power Supply380V/50KW
Heating ElementMolybdenum lanthanum alloy
Thermal insulation material Metal molybdenum heat insulation screen as the furnace chamber heat preservation and insulation material 
Temperature control accuracy±1℃
Measuring elementN-type thermocouple
Vacuum degreeCold limit vacuum degree 6.67×10-4pa
Temperature control instrumentation7-inch intelligent microcomputer PID touch instrumentation, SCR regulator control, PID parameter self-tuning function; can be programmed 15 groups of 30 program segments, program heating, program insulation, program temperature reduction 
Heating speed1-20℃/min free adjustment
Furnace structureFurnace temperature control integrated structure
Equipment protectionModular control, over-temperature in the working process, broken even will issue sound and light alarm signals, and automatically complete the protection action.
Safety protectionThe equipment is equipped with an open circuit breaker, such as the occurrence of short-circuit leakage will automatically pop-up, to protect the equipment and the operator's safety.
ShellHigh-quality cold-rolled steel plate CNC machine tool processing, after welding, grinding, polishing, phosphating, pickling, surface electrostatic spraying plastic powder.
Quality CertificationISO9001   CE    SGS   TUV
Standard configuration1 furnace 2, power cord 3 meters 3, 1 thermocouple 4, 1 copy of the manual 5, 1 load table  6, 1 pair of high-temperature gloves 7, 1 molecular pump vacuum unit 8, 1 industrial chiller


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  • 22 Years Experience We have more than 22 years of experience in Electirc Heating Equipment,Excellent temperature field uniformity is our strength
  • R&D Design Team Professional design and development team, to provide you with professional and reasonable heat treatment solutions
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