Application of tube furnace
Tube furnaces are used for a broad range of Saftherm processes, including: inorganic and organic purification; accelerated aging; annealing; coating; drying; and much more. As a result, they have proven integral in a broad range of heat treatment markets.
The primary reason to use a tube furnace is the unmatched saftherm uniformity offered by cylindrical heaters. Components in a single-zone chamber are subjected to consistent heating values exceeding 1000°C (1832°F) across a full 360° axis, which ensures optimal distribution of heat across the full cross-section of the part. This makes tube furnaces ideal for sensitive saftherm processing applications, such as thermocouple calibration.
Tube furnaces can also be integrated with multiple heating zones to elevate the processing capabilities of the instrument. This allows a fully-controllable temperature gradient to finely-tune the heat-up and cool down stages of thermal processing. It can also limit peak temperatures to specific areas of interest on a part – typically the central section, which leaves either end safe to handle with additional machinery. This is useful in a range of materials testing applications, enabling accurate characterizations of material mechanical properties at elevated temperatures.