1800°C Dental Sintering Furnace

  • Model No. :STS-120-18
  • Chamber Size:Φ120×120
  • Chamber Voloume:2L
  • Continuous Temp. :1600℃
  • Max Temp.:1700°C
  • Power Supply:220V/3kw
  • Heating Element:Molybdenum Disilicide(MOSi2)heater
  • Temp Precision:±1°C
  • Thermocouple: B type
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STS series dental sintering furnace (denture crystallization furnace) uses 1800 pure silicon molybdenum rods as heating elements, which will not cause secondary pollution to the crystallization and sintering of dental crowns. High-uniformity temperature field; adopts the automatic lifting structure of the bottom loading furnace, which is very convenient for feeding and discharging materials. This product is mainly used in denture processing plants and dental clinics for crystallization and sintering of zirconia crowns


Furnace shell

  1. 7-inch embedded menu touch screen system, real-time process curve display, data can be exported, 15 sintering curves of various zirconium block manufacturers can be pre-stored, called at any time, each curve can edit 30 program segments
  2. High-purity alumina ceramic fiber is used as the lining of the furnace, which is pure and pollution-free, and the iron content is ≤440ppm
  3. The pure U-shaped silicon-molybdenum rod is used as the heating element, which will not cause secondary pollution of the crown, and can realize the fast burning process of the single crown
  4. Cylindrical furnace design structure, annular heating, uniform temperature field, excellent crown permeability and consistency
  5. Automatic bottom-loading furnace bottom, precision screw and high-precision linear slider, the lifting is stable without shaking, and the operation is convenient
  6. Two φ100mm sintering trays can be placed in a single furnace, and about 25-50 zirconia crowns can be placed in it to achieve mass production
  7. Modular safety design, with sound and light alarm functions for over-temperature, overload, and broken coupler, and automatically complete equipment protection actions

Technical Parameter



Chamber Size


Appreance Size




Max Temp


Work Temp




Heating Element


Chamber Material

Polycrystalline inorganic alumina ceramic fiber material prepared by wet vacuum filtration

Temp Control Precision



Type B platinum rhodium thermocouple

Temperature Controller

7-inch intelligent microcomputer PID touch instrument, SCR voltage regulation control, PID parameter self-tuning function; programmable 15 groups of 30 program segments, program heating, program heat preservation, program cooling

Heating Rate

1-15℃/min freely setting

Body Structure

Furnace temperature control integrated structure


Modular control, sound and light alarm signal will be sent out for over temperature and broken coupler in the working process, and the protection action will be completed automatically

Safety Protection

The equipment is equipped with a circuit breaker, which will automatically pop open in case of short circuit leakage, which can protect the safety of equipment and operators


High-quality cold-rolled steel plate CNC machine tool blanking processing, after welding, grinding, polishing, phosphating, pickling, surface electrostatic spraying plastic powder


ISO9001   CE    SGS   TUV

Standard Accessories

1. Furnace body 1 set 2. Power cord 3 meters 3. Thermocouple 1 piece 4. Manual 1 copy 5. Crucible tongs 1 set

6. One pair of high-temperature gloves 7. Two spare silicon-molybdenum rods

Optional Accessories

1. Sintering tray 2. Zirconia block 3. Furnace bottom plate


Customization of special product specifications can be realized according to user requirements


1. Furnace body 1 set
2. Temperature controller 1
3. Power cord 3 meters 1
4. Crucible tongs 1
5. Instruction manual 1
6. silicon-molybdenum rods 2
7. High temperature gloves  1 pair


  • 1 Year Warranty We can provide very professional commercial support, technical support and document support
  • 22 Years Experience We have more than 22 years of experience in Electirc Heating Equipment,Excellent temperature field uniformity is our strength
  • R&D Design Team Professional design and development team, to provide you with professional and reasonable heat treatment solutions
  • Quality Control Rigorous quality control process, each process process traceable, to provide customers with high quality products

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